Depero Futuritici
SPIKE_Scientific Personalized Interactive Kiosk Exhibit

January 2010 - May 2010
Madhuri Koushik, Laura Pieroni, Emily Sun, Joey Yeh
Project Sponsors
California Academy of Science9
Designing an integrated network of websites and physical installations for the California Academy of Sciences. The goal of the project is to install a system to expand the Academyexperience by connecting the interactions at the museum to the Academy website at home. Users create personalized avatars online or on kiosks in the front lobby of the Academy, and upon returning home, users are able to use their achievements at the Academy to compare their avatars’ progress with those of their peers.

My Contribution
-Worked on character development and UI design for the avatar creation
-Designed a myexplorer website structure

-UI design for the iPad games

[Virtual Character Achievement System_Avartar Creation]

Demonstration of the myexplorer website

In the website, the home page and discover page were created by Laura Pieroni.

[Chracter Concept Design]

Target adience: 6th to 8th grade students. We choose a bright and cheerful color scheme. All characters are expertise related the science such as a diver, botanist, astronaut and scientist.

[Virtual Character Achievement System_Process]

Guests can create a new account and select one of the default characters on kiosks located at the Academy and customize avatars online.

When guests collect certain points by playing mini games and quiz, guests can unlock the next available characters and special items.

[Website Structure_Process]

[5 mini iPad games]

Demonstration of 5 mini iPad games

Our team developed 5 mini iPad games which are installed at the California Academy of Science.
I particularly worked on the UI designs. Also created all splash screens and ending screens for the games.

Most of the game assets were created by Emily Sun and Laura Pieroni.