May 2010
Paper "iPad mini-games Connected to an Educational Social Networking Website" has been accepted to the LateBreaking section of the SIGGRAPH 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

April 2010
Balli Plastici and Toybox Futulisti
Film/Video Bronze winner of the 31st Annual Telly Awards.

April 2010
Balli Plastici and Toybox Futulisti
Presented at CGAT 2010 conference in Singapore.
Won "Best Research Student Paper Award" at CGAT
>CGAT confernece

March 2010
Information Graphic
Cross-Media Communications: an Introduction to the Art of Creating Integrated Media Experiences by Drew Davidson et al. >Book Website

February 2010
Presented at the Digital Media and Learning Conference in San Diego.

January - February 2010
Balli Plastici
Presented at the Art Center Nabi in Seoul, Korea.

December 2009
Identical Twin
Awarded Chosen Award American Illustration 28
>American Illustration

November 2009
Balli Plastici
Presented at the arts festival Performa 09 at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City.
Listed on the New York Magazine website as one of the Best of Performa, out of 150 participants.